Church asks for compliance with the mandatory OAS test

The President of the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference (CEB), Ricardo Centellas, reaffirmed this Wednesday that Bolivia must comply with international agreements, such as the one signed in 2019 between the State Department and the Organization of American States (OAS) for the electoral review in these elections “malicious Manipulation “detected.

Centellas made these statements regarding the prosecution’s decision to end the election fraud case and ignored the mandatory review signed by the government and the OAS.

“We all know the assignment for the work to be done and the expression was well defined, the work is done, the audit is binding. There is a contradiction in saying that it is not binding now, “Centellas told Radio Fides.

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Centellas claimed, “We hope this is not official because Bolivia doesn’t look good in front of international institutions. The original agreements must be respected out of formality and out of respect for oneself and the country.

The Bolivian public prosecutor closed the case of electoral fraud on the basis of an opinion from the University of Salamanca, which found no manipulation of the results. However, the OAS conducted a mandatory audit in 2019 which found “malicious manipulation” in these elections.

The State Ministry reiterated that the OAS test was not binding, as there was no law that required it to be used, and that this study was only a “clue”.

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