Church and sectors demand the release of political prisoners

After hearing the opinion of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on re-election and the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), the church and activists called for the release of the political prisoners yesterday.

The Archbishop of Santa Cruz, Sergio Gualberti, called for the release of those arrested through “dubious” trials so that they could defend themselves freely.

He also pointed out that the government must respect freedom of expression and show goodwill in order to prevent revenge discussions, fear or weeds.

“There is an urgent need to heal these wounds, to compensate the victims of all involved, to leave speeches that sow revenge, fear and weeds, to guarantee freedom of expression and to give signs of goodwill who have been imprisoned through dubious legal proceedings”. .. so that they can defend themselves in freedom before the judiciary, ”he claimed.

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Doctors from La Paz expressed their solidarity with former President Jeanine Áñez, took part in the vigil in Miraflores prison and denounced that her right to health is being violated.

“Human rights are violated. The constitution states that the right to health is an inalienable right and that a person is subject to mental torture, ”said Sirmes La Paz representative Fernando Romero.

In Cochabamba, activists from the Platforms of February 21 protested in Plaza Colón yesterday evening to demand the release of political prisoners. The protesters concentrated and sang, “It wasn’t a coup; it was fraud ”.


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