Chuquisaca requires you to carry your vaccination card against Covid-19

By means of a decree of the Governor of Chuquisaca, Damián Condori, with reference to the application of the “Sanitary containment measures for the fourth wave and the economic reactivation”, the obligation of citizens to carry the vaccination card against the Covid-19 for entry into this region was made. There will be a control of land and airport entrances.

“Chuquisaca will be the first department to require a COVID-19 vaccination card from anyone entering the country. said the director of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) Chuquisaca, Juan José Fernández Murillo, in an interview in local media.

He explained that this decree decision was made to strengthen measures to contain the fourth wave pandemic not only in the municipality of Sucre but throughout the department.

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“Above all, they have to carry their vaccination card with them during public and private activities; this will also be indispensable in various companies, as well as their control,” he said.

He said the decree contains eight points, the most relevant of which relate to pandemic containment with massive diagnoses in specific locations such as entrances and exits by both land and airports.

He mentioned that if the citizen does not want to have vaccination because it is not compulsory, an appropriate diagnosis must be made, which will also be available at the entry points.

This control mechanism will apply to both those who enter the department and those who leave the department, he said.

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These containment measures, which consist of diagnosis and vaccination, also guarantee economic reactivation in the region and the possible implementation of face-to-face classes, which will be required in the country’s schools and universities in the following year, commented the health authority.


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