Chuquimia member: Jeanine Áñez did not need accreditation

The presidency of Jeanine Áñez does not require accreditation by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), since she has taken over the office as senator, explained the electoral representative Dina Chuquimia.

“It was not up to us to appoint the Supreme Electoral Court to give Jeanine Áñez a certification as President, as she was elected Senator by the Beni Department and took over the office of President in 2019 in her capacity as Senator.” of the plurinational state, “Chuquimia said in an interview with Cepra Radio and quoted by El Deber.

The statement came after prosecutors asked TSE for a report on whether Áñez had been accredited as president by that agency. The application was made in the course of the investigation into the alleged “coup”.

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Chuquimia said the response would be sent to the Ministry of Public Affairs the following week.

The member pointed out that the interim mandates do not require accreditation, and using the example of the municipality of San Javier, where the elected mayor died and the municipal council of this population met to elect an interim mayor who was elected from among the council members.


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