State Vice President David Choquehuanca has denied in the past few hours that there is any political persecution against former President Jeanine Áñez.

He reiterated that the trials against the ex-president have to do with seeking justice and that “someone must be accountable for the deaths recorded during the transitional government”.

“Someone has to answer about the deaths, someone has to answer about the torture, the GIEI report says that there was torture, human rights violations, massacres, racism during the coup, someone has to answer not only that it was there, but also Corruption “, he said at the presentation of the book” The OAS Fraud and the Coup in Bolivia “, written by the former Minister César Navarro.

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The book in question looks at the events of 2019 and the role of the Organization of American States (OAS), led by Luis Almagro, in what he calls the “coup”.

“Someone has to answer, it cannot go unpunished, there have been deaths, someone has to answer about the events in Sacaba, Pedregal, Senkata, in Santa Cruz,” stressed Choquehuanca when speaking about the events of 2019 and the government of Añez. spoke.

Precisely because of the events of 2019, Áñez is serving preventive detention on charges of sedition, conspiracy and terrorism.

Choquehuanca had already indicated earlier this month that the future of the ex-president, whom he describes as “de facto”, lies entirely in the hands of the judiciary and assured that the government would not interfere in the investigation.

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