Choquehuanca says it got over Covid-19 using natural medicine and that it will be vaccinated in the next few days

Vice President of the State David Choquehuanca confirmed this Thursday that he had the Covid-19 coronavirus and had gained natural immunity, but that he will definitely be vaccinated against the virus in the coming days to comply with national regulations .

Choquehuanca has been the focus of criticism, both from opponents and officials, for failing to receive the vaccine.

“I respect the rules. All Bolivians have to obey the rules. I will be vaccinated in the next few days. I have immunity, but I also get a PCR test. There are people who want to speculate, want to make this issue political, but it is a health issue and it must be treated with respect and responsibility, “said the vice-president in an audio broadcast on the F10 portal.

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The executive last week promulgated a series of norms forcing vaccination certificates or a negative PCR test to be required in order to enter public and private facilities.

Even presidential spokesman Jorge Richter assured that if Choquehuanca fails to comply with the vaccination, “the restrictions will reach them”.

Choquehuanca said he was infected with the virus at least twice and cured with traditional medicine.

“I experienced the coronavirus for the first time. I have overcome with old, natural medicine, with medicinal plants. I was scared, but I got over it. Then he hit me again and I immediately got over the natural medina. Then I no longer notice whether it has hit me again, but take care of myself. I recommend everyone, we have to take care of ourselves, wear the chin strap, eat healthily and not be afraid, this is very important to overcome the fear culture, ”he added.

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He stressed that after fighting the virus twice, he had achieved “natural immunity”.

“Having passed these coronaviruses, I acquired a natural immunity. There are two ways to gain immunity artificially and naturally. I’ve acquired natural immunity, but now that we have a decree, I respect the rules. All Bolivians have to follow the rules, I will be vaccinated in the next few days, ”he said.


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