Choquehuanca Says Citizens Strike Seek

Vice President David Choquehuanca reiterated this Friday that the mobilizations announced by opposition sectors will seek impunity while people seek justice and economic growth.

“They seek impunity, the Bolivian people seek (is) justice, the Bolivian people seek stability, economic growth and we are here to work, guarantee justice, guarantee stability, guarantee fraternity and unity,” he said Choquehuanca on a mobilization ahead of the economic reactivation summit in El Alto.

Opponents announced a citizens’ strike on October 11th to defend democracy and violate laws they consider criminal, such as the law against the legitimation of illegal profits.

The MAS has already announced that the October 11 mobilization calls for impunity for those involved in the events of 2019. Likewise, the organizations affiliated with the government announced that they will take part in a “wiphalazo” on October 12th to defend democracy, the president and in reparation to the wiphala.

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Choquehuanca stated that everyone should take part in the “Wiphalazo” as it was convened by the social parent organizations.

On this occasion, too, he gave a message of unity: “We Bolivians among ourselves cannot continue fighting, we must learn to respect the law, learn what our Political Constitution of the state says and always work together,” he said.


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