Choquehuanca asks to exclude from the MAS those who wish to share it

During his visit to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, incumbent President David Choquehuanca called for the unity of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) and called for those who want to split it to be expelled from the party.

In a previous conversation he had with several MPs, he recalled that he had not had a conversation with any of them, even though they were sitting at the same table with MP Rolando Cuéllar. Suddenly he said he had appeared on social media posts and made allusions to the legislature and himself.

“Someone took a picture there and posted it on the networks and said,” Choquehuanca at an internal meeting in Santa Cruz. Now we know who gives the instructions to the deputy (Rolando) Cuellar so that the deputy (Rolando) Cuellar speaks badly against Brother Evo, ”he said.

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“We didn’t even speak to the brother, that’s how they lie and whoever lies, they should be excluded from the instrument, that’s how they want to share us,” he added at a meeting with the Unique Union of Farmers’ Federation in the capital, Santa Cruz.

At this meeting, Choquehuanca reflected on the need to build unity within the party with young people in the face of attacks by some party members or opposition parties. “A brother always said: If you want to separate, this is the right place,” he said.

“Brothers, we have to learn to listen to the grassroots and do what the grassroots want,” he said.

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The internal conflicts in the MAS have been exposed by the same militants and leaders who seek renewal, the need to adjust internal norms, or even expel those responsible for the defeats at the last sub-national elections.


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