Chilean police arrest three Bolivian soldiers in Colchane

Carabineros de Chile have arrested three Bolivian soldiers in the border town of Colchane in Tarapacá. The Bolivian soldiers were accused of robbery, intimidation and carrying weapons, media from the neighboring country reported.

The incident reportedly took place this Wednesday morning when staff from Deputy Commissioner Colchane and the OS9 division were conducting preventive border patrols.

La Tercera reported that three people reported that their vehicles had been stolen. The victims mentioned that the attackers identified themselves as Bolivian soldiers and were armed with military uniforms and weapons.

Carabineros began an operation in the Coipasa Salt Flat area with three vehicles and intercepted the drivers who were allegedly kidnapped by the Bolivians.

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There was an exchange of shots at the meeting.

Carabineros arrested three soldiers armed with two rifles and two pistols.

Andrés Arenas, Prefect of Iquique, reported that the vehicle was intercepted “two kilometers from the international political border”.

The detainees were identified as Lieutenant Jaime Hervas, Second Lieutenant Niger Ponce, and Second Sergeant José Bautista Carvajal, the three members of La Paz’s Strategic Operational Command (CEO) for combating smuggling.

According to the information, no injuries were reported.


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