Chile is preventing hundreds of Bolivian drivers from passing due to Covid-19

More than 500 Bolivian motorists are stopped at the border with Chile because, according to leaders, at least 200 of them tested positive for Covid-19.

According to Página Siete, the drivers say they had traveled 72 hours earlier with PCR tests that came back negative. This border point is closed and snow is falling.

In the Tambo Quemado Pass, vans suffer from bad weather and already depleted resources and food, as they have to return for these trips within three days.

“Today, Monday, December 20, we are all colleagues who supposedly tested positive. As you can see, they come with containers, minerals, there are center anchors, there are everything. Let’s see if our heavy haulage drivers and the Foreign Ministry authorities can see this situation, the truth is that the injured party is the porter, we are orphans, nobody says anything for us, we are on our own, ”said one of the porters in the social networks.

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The drivers stated that they had positive results in the rapid test despite negative PCR.

“There are loads of parked trucks and our comrades are struggling with bad weather, which is a shame. I am sending this video for the knowledge of our government agencies and leaders who have not yet spoken, ”he complained.

Nelson López, a tanker truck driver, told Página Siete that of the 60 trucks that entered the site in one day, only five got through as the rest would be infected with Covid-19. “At least 500 trucks are stranded because there are three to four kilometers between the site and the border with Bolivia and the route starts from a town in Lagunas,” he said.

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He added that in his case they are giving him four days of travel expenses for the round trip and now he is injured without being able to pass. “I transport petrol and diesel from Arica, I drive in empty and load in Chile, but now I can’t drive in. The tests are not good, only 10% of the trucks passed so there are long lines. Hopefully the authorities can intervene, ”he said.


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