Chile assures that Bolivian soldiers invaded 15 kilometers and fired weapons of war

Chilean Interior and Public Security Minister Rodrigo Delgado confirmed this Wednesday that the three Bolivian soldiers arrested in the border town of Colchane have entered Chilean territory at least 15 kilometers and, when discovered, their weapons of war .

“It is serious because of the number of kilometers these people walk, it is serious because they also shoot with their weapons of war,” said Delgado, according to La Tercera.

The incident occurred at dawn this Wednesday when three members of the Anti-Smuggling Strategic Operational Command (CEO) were arrested in La Paz, Colchane, on charges of stealing vehicles and using their weapons.

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“You want a neighboring country, its army, its troops to work together just like the police and the Chilean army,” said Delgado.

According to the report, Tamarugal (Tarapacá) chief prosecutor Hardy Torres is already on duty to pursue the case.

“As a government, it seems serious to us that members of an army from a neighboring country, in this case Bolivia, who also have the task of guarding the border, as well as our police, as well as our army on the Chilean side, it seems to us it is serious that at least three officers of the Bolivian army advance 15 kilometers, we are not talking about 100 meters, where Carabineros were made aware of some robberies apparently related to these people, car robberies, truck robberies, “said Delgado.

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The Chilean minister claimed that “if we don’t work together and we also have troops that appear to be military men who work with gangs or do harm themselves, then of course they are compromising national security.”

Delgado said that Foreign Minister Andrés Allamand would make a statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Government, Jaime Bellolio, asked to wait for the official reports.


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