Chaparina case: Prosecutor lets Sacha Llorenti out of the trial

The Departmental Court (TDJ) of La Paz informed the former head of the Tipnis sub-center, Fernando Vargas, of the formal indictment against the police officers who were involved in the repression of the indigenous population in Chaparina in 2011. However, the prosecution closed the former from Minister Sacha Llorenti, Página Siete reported.

The incident occurred on September 25, 2011 when a contingent of police suppressed 1,500 Beni indigenous people marching towards La Paz and called for the Tipnis to stop road works. 100 people were injured and 200 arrested in the event. At that time Llorenti was the head of the government ministry.

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“In the ministry’s final resolution, they accuse the police and tell us whether we will obey them or bring a private charge. (…) Sacha Llorenti is not in the state ministry’s indictment, ”said Vargas in contact with Página Siete.

Days ago the Tenth Tenth La Paz Criminal Court issued a plea to notify Vargas of formally indicting the material perpetrators of the 2011 repression. The uniformed men accused are: Óscar Muñoz, Luis Zapata, Edwin Durán. Ricardo Cadima, Carlos Flores and Henry Terrazas.

According to the prosecutor’s office document, the crimes they are charged with are deprivation of liberty, humiliation and torture, serious and minor injuries with worsening of the victims, since they are girls, boys and adolescents. In addition, there is coercion, breach of duty and house searches and their dependencies.

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