Chamber of Deputies approves bill repealing Act 1386 and sends it to Senate

In the midst of observation and after extensive discussion, the plenary session of the House of Representatives passed a draft law on Tuesday morning that repeals the law on the National Strategy for Combating the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and the Financing of Terrorism. The rule has been referred to the Senate for treatment.

Before it was adopted, it was analyzed by the Constitutional, Legislative and Electoral System Commission, which prepared and then drafted a report on the project to repeal the controversial regulation.

“Law 1386 of August 16, 2021, Law on the National Strategy for Combating the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and the Financing of Terrorism, is repealed,” says the only article of the bill.

However, the opposition noted that aspects aimed at “criminalizing” and undermining the recent mobilizations that began on November 8th were included in the justification for the repeal law.

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“In the past few days, unscrupulous people with individual interests have misinformed the population, created fear and concern, and lied about the ultimate aim of the law, which is to prevent the illegal enrichment of drug trafficking groups , Human trafficking and trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, among others, these disinformation actions resulted in some sectors of unions and transport companies paralyzing their activities, a situation that some groups took advantage of to spark acts of violence that left families in pain and tears and Grief. Bolivians “, it says in the paragraph.

After extensive discussion between lawmakers of the ruling party and the opposition, the controversial paragraph was deleted and the document later approved, which is now going to the Senate for consideration.

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Law 1386 sparked a series of mobilizations and an open-ended strike sponsored by unions, transport companies and other sectors to demand its repeal, believing it had “attacked” them and the citizens.

The decision to lift was announced over the weekend by President Luis Arce with the aim of stopping the protests and resuming the activities of the citizens affected by the days of strike and blockades, especially in Santa Cruz, Potosí, Cochabamba and Tarija Sucre .

The citizens joined the demands of the sectors and, in addition to the return of the 2/3 in all decisions of the plenary of the legislature, included other demands that they are now calling, which must be repealed.


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