CC will initiate liability proceedings against former judges who advocated re-election

The opposition Citizen Community (CC) reported that liability proceedings against former President Evo Morales and the former Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) justices who agreed to indefinite re-election will begin once the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights is passed is made official (Court-ICH) in this case.

“Once there is the official ruling of the Inter-American Court of Justice against indefinite re-election, Evo Morales will comply with a liability judgment for violating the CPE and ignoring the 21F, in addition to a trial against the Constitutional Court justices who supported the candidacy.” from Morales, “said Deputy Beto Astorga.

“The only blow in Bolivia is without a doubt the blow to democracy that Evo Morales made,” said the legislature.

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In its 142nd ordinary session, the Inter-American Court of Justice analyzed Colombia’s request for an expert opinion on whether indefinite re-election is a human right.

With constitutional clause 084/2017, the TCP enabled new registrations for an unlimited period and paved the way for Evo Morales to receive a fourth presidential nomination in 2019, which in the end was frustrated by citizen mobilization due to allegations of election fraud.

The Inter-American Court of Justice will publish its judgment in the coming days.


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