CC supports the continuation of the strike and asks for a 2/3 demand in the ALP.  to record

The chairman of the Citizen Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, reaffirmed this Monday that this political organization supports the decision of some social and civil society sectors to continue the week-old multisectoral strike, despite the fact that the state’s president, Luis, last Saturday Arce, announced the repeal of Act 1386.

Mesa primarily congratulated the “people” on their “second victory” before the government and the repeal of Law 1386. He affirmed that the victory was achieved thanks to a democratic mobilization.

However, despite the repeal of the law – originally requested by the mobilized sectors – the citizens of Santa Cruz and Potosí decided yesterday to continue the multisectoral strike until the law is promulgated that repeals the regulation in question and also repeals the package of “damned.” “Laws. They also call for the 2/3 to be replaced in the legislature to make certain decisions.

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In this context, CC has expressed its support for the decision of the sectors that want to mobilize further, pointing out that there are “pending issues” that need to be resolved by the government.

“The position of the CC on the decisions of unions of all kinds, unions, civil and transport companies, has been to continue the strike and the civil community supports these decisions,” he said.

He stated that the government’s “cursed laws” package is essentially aimed at building a police state, noting that the norms in question are the Development Plan Laws, Anti-Corruption Strengthening, Health Emergency Law, Military and Police Law Promotions, the Law on the Commercial Register and the Law of Fundamental Rights.

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He also assured that it was a “state matter” for CC to achieve the replacement of the 2/3 in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Finally, Mesa emphasized that she was not trying “at least from the community” to destabilize Luis Arce’s government.

“We are not on the path of destabilization, we support a democratic movement (…) We respect the vote and Arce has to end his five-year term,” said Mesa.

Of course, he accused Luis Arce’s government of not socializing or discussing the rules beforehand and only responding to strikes, mobilizations and civic blockades.


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