CC Says the Transportation Act provides that the government department has

From the Allianz Citizen Community (CC), the MP Alberto Astorga confirmed that the government ministry is aiming to “control” the institution of order with the draft law for general careers and promotions in the police force.

However, the legislature of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Juanito Angulo, assured that the legal initiative aims to guarantee and strengthen the institutional framework of the national police force.

Astorga’s main question is Article 11, which mentions that the bio department and the police command are composed as follows: the government minister; the general commander, deputy commander and chief or chief of the general staff and then non-commissioned officer of the general staff.

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“The government minister has nothing to do with promotions, but they smuggle it; that argument so he can do whatever he wants within the police and undo what he wants,” he said.

Angulo refuted the version of his colleague, who he accused of “misrepresenting” the spirit of the bill, arguing that in reality, in addition to his institutionalism, he is supposed to guarantee the decisions of high-ranking police officers.

The bill defines the hierarchical levels of the Bolivian police for promotion to the general career ladder, police career, chiefs, officers, non-commissioned officers and sergeants.

There are three ranks of generals: Senior General, Major General and First General

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The standard was approved by the House of Representatives Government, Defense and Armed Forces Commission on June 16 and sent to the House of Representatives plenary. His treatment is scheduled for this Tuesday.


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