CC requests TCP to lift the re-election sentence

Members of the Civic Community (CC) filed a motion for control of conventionality before the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) to overturn judgment 084/2017, which allowed for indefinite re-election, taking into account the fact that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I / A Court HR) has already established that it is not a human right.

CC-Bank chairman Carlos Alarcón reported that the decision was made after the TCP rejected an annulment suit against the ruling filed by a group of lawyers. He stated that the court had rejected the lawyers’ appeal, arguing that they were not entitled to file the request, but noted that the judges now have no excuse as the opponents as MPs have the legitimacy to this type of constitutional jurisdiction to take action.

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Alarcón pointed out that the Bolivian state must comply with its signed agreements and apply the opinion of the Inter-American Court of Justice.

He pointed out that the reasoning of the judgment 084/17 and the expert opinion are completely incompatible, which is why the TCP should declare the former null and void, otherwise the state would have an international responsibility.

Alarcón urged the TCP to act quickly and correct what he called “legal barbarism”.

“Let’s also hope that one day it will stop and that sentence ‘Evo Morales’ will be forfeited. You know that the judgments on an indefinite re-election are essentially the tailor-made and prefabricated sentence for former President Evo Morales,” he said.

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