CC officials condemned MAS for trying to bribe them to bring Áñez to trial.  to support

Civic Community MP (CC) Samantha Nogales denounced that people from the Movement to Socialism (MAS) had tried to bribe her to vote for the liability suit against former President Jeanine Áñez, Página Siete reported. The MP added that after the money was rejected, she was a victim of harassment.

“I’ve got some calls from home numbers, they’ve offered me a salary, they haven’t talked to me about amounts because I wouldn’t let them finish. On the other hand, they already start the harassment, they call you from a private number, the pressure is complicated. However, Comunidad Ciudadana is very closed and we know which path to take, ”said Nogales, quoted by La Paz.

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The indictments against Añez must first be approved by the Constitutional Commission and then dealt with in the legislative plenary.

However, the start of the liability proceedings against Áñez must be approved by 2/3 of the ALP, so that the MAS needs more than a dozen members of the opposition assembly to support the initiative as well.


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