CC MP denounces threats and political harassment after attempting to expose bribery

Civic Community MP Samantha Nogales denounced this Thursday that she was a victim of threats and political harassment after exposing alleged attempts to bribe MPs from the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

“I have been threatened and harassed several times these days, so it does not surprise me that the same President of the Chamber of Deputies carries out political harassment that violates the political constitution of the state and commits crimes.” Is typified in Laws 243 and 348 and against articles 151 violates the political constitution of the state, “said Nogales in a video.

The opposition MP added that Freddy Mamani, President of the Chamber of Deputies, was committing an “act of cowardice and abuse” by stating that he would send her to the ethics committee for complaint with no evidence.

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Nogales added that Mamani “repeats the attitude he has in the chamber where he has silenced me more than once, not only me but other female MPs as well, and was furious when I told him I was the same MEPs like him. ” . “

“If you want to send me to the President’s Ethics Committee because I am being true to my principles and expressing myself, do so, do not threaten me, but be honest with the country and give the real reason, say that you are not admitting this a young and female MPs have dared to expose the sinister and dark ways to enforce their plans and whims, # the legislature concluded.

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Mamani had previously reported that he was going to report the members of the legislature’s ethics committee for denouncing alleged attempts at bribery by the ruling party without evidence.

In the past few days, Nogales said he had received several anonymous calls from people offering him money to guarantee two-thirds, enabling the prosecution of former President Jeanine Áñez for the Sacaba and Senkata events and accused members of the MAS would.

Read what the MAS said about the Nogales complaint here:


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