CC issues MAS threats to Governor Camacho.  return

The Civic Community MP, José Manuel Ormachea, denied and condemned the “threats made by the MAS” against the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, and assured that the leader of Santa Cruz had the right to pass the regional council.

“As an MP from La Paz, I reject and condemn the threats made by the MAS to Governor Luis Fernando Camacho against his physical integrity and his life. Fernando is a Bolivian like everyone else and has the right to travel in my city of La Paz as long as he wants” , posted on social networks.

On the morning of that Wednesday, the city of La Paz woke up with hanging dolls and walls with slogans and threats against Camacho, the day after he testified before the La Paz prosecutor in the case of the alleged coup.

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Hours later, Camacho’s testimony was undated by prosecutors.


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