CC is calling for Evo to be brought to trial and MAS says the Inter-American Court ruling is not retroactive

MPs from the opposition Citizen Community (CC) pointed out this Friday that former President Evo Morales and all those who promoted his re-election in 2019 will face criminal prosecution as soon as the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Justice) of the Human Rights) who decided that re-election is not a human right.

The legislature of the MAS argued that the official decision should be awaited and that its effect in any case does not apply retrospectively, but rather for “what is to come”.

CC MP Alberto Astorga claimed that the verdict, of which an unofficial version was known, “shows that the activists who were on the streets to defend 21F proved us right. We are therefore of the opinion that Evo Morales should even be brought to justice at international level for violating the norms and violating the 21F citizens’ vote.

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MEP from the same party, Alejandro Reyes, reiterated that Evo Morales “violated the constitution to extend his power and, as a result, caused confrontation and social chaos in 2019. It is necessary that he respond to justice. Evo Morales deserves a liability lawsuit for manipulating to get a new election.

He assured that his party would activate the mechanisms for a lawsuit for Morales for all those who promoted this re-registration.

“The judges were complicit in the conspiracy that caused chaos and death. Everyone involved in the fraudulent re-election, all participants must be prosecuted, ”he said.

CC Senator Andrea Barrientos stated that Morales should be prosecuted as the root cause of the 2019 conflicts.

“Evo was an illegitimate candidate, all conflicts that have occurred are the responsibility of Evo Morales,” he said.

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Meanwhile, MAS Senator Félix Ajpi said it should await the official verdict, but claimed that the resolution was not specifically addressed to Evo Morales, but was a “general” decision and that it would be the Constitutional Court that will take the internal This decision would determine the scope of application.

“The Constitutional Court will decide whether it is binding or not, on the basis it will be handled. We will wait, we cannot speak of a sanction, ”he said.

The MP from the same party, Hernán Durán, claimed that the official document should be awaited and “if it comes out, it is for the future, we cannot go back. We will respect it as a government, but that will be done for the future ”.


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