CC is again asking the government for information on the use of FAB aircraft

After the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) confirmed that an aircraft was being leased to the producers making a documentary about Evo Morales, the Citizen Community (CC) made a second request to the Department of Defense for a written report to explain why they are rented to state aircraft for private purposes.

“We are applying to the Department of Defense for a written report. This would be the second motion that we are making in relation to these FAB flights that Mr Evo Morales and his friends are doing, ”Deputy Luciana Campero told a press conference this morning.

“They say they have all the documents, we hope they provide them. We need to know how much Mr Gil’s flight would have cost if he had really paid and where the bills are, not just for that flight but for the previous one. ” one, from August 8, “demanded the legislature.

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The Bolivian Air Force (FAB) issued a statement yesterday confirming the contract for an aircraft to deliver the equipment that is making a documentary about Morales, but denied it was an abuse of property.

The statement indicates that on August 31, there was a contract with Julián Gil to “provide an air transport service” for the use of a light aircraft, FAB-418, on a flight from El Trompillo-Chimoré-El Trompillo.

Gil, Argentine producer and businessman, heads the team producing a documentary about the life of Evo Morales and was recently at the Chapare.

Congresswoman Campero regretted that the Department of Defense has not yet responded to the request for a report. “MAS MPs have sworn in more than 40 media that they have the flight bill and do not show it, so we consider this statement by the Air Force to be inappropriate, as you need the bill and the payment to the FAB account as proof.” demanded.

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MP Carlos Alarcón stated that the political constitution of the state forbids the rental of public property owned by the state for private purposes and therefore takes precedence over other norms that allow the rental of state property.

It is not the first time Morales has been involved in the operation of state aircraft. In August he used a plane to travel to the city of Tarija to host a political event, then the MAS and FAB lawmakers stated that the plane was rented by the local authorities of that department, but so far the bill was for this Service not known. .


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