CC Deputy: Evo's alternative power creates deep political instability

Civic Community Deputy (CC) Gustavo Aliaga notes, after the recent conflicts resulting from the repealed Law 1386, that the “alternative power of Evo Morales” causes a profound political instability within the government of Luis Arce that represents the country and the Bolivian prestige the international community.

“We are in a moment of deep instability, people in the regions no longer accept leaders from everywhere and the world sees us as an unstable country,” he said in good time to emphasize that this phenomenon has given way to regions that are beginning to take center stage through the factor of political power.

The Bolivian diplomat pointed out that political and economic management is not carried out efficiently as Evo Morales’ influence creates many distortions within the government.

As an example, he cited the criticism of former Prime Minister Juan Ramón Quintana who “hit Luis Arce a” low blow “by pointing out that he could not rule and that the members of the MAS assembly did not know how they should defend their own laws.

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He regrets that the Arce government does not assume that the criticism is not from Quintana but from Morales, because when he speaks he says what Evo Morales thinks, who is leading the country into the hole of international politics and the dictatorial one Governments joins from El Salvador, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

He pointed out that amid this situation, regional disparities are worsening, with the east continuing to grow 6% and the west continuing to cease, adding to not only political but also economic instability.

Aliaga recalls that the population was looking for stability and that is probably why it supported President Luis Arce at 53.11%, thinking that he could develop his economic activities in a normal way.

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He continues to believe that the economy is automatic because of international commodity prices, which shows that Arce “is not a president who guarantees economic efficiency”.

He argued that it was not possible to continue this rhythm of profound differences and suggested that during these three months of break at the end of the year and the first two months of 2022, a period of reflection should be initiated for major confrontations between regions and opposing sectors avoid.

He believes it is imperative to correct the instability factor within the government itself and prevent Bolivia from entering the “democracy of complex and difficult populism” next year, along with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and probably Brazil because of the uncertainty greater would be the worsening of unemployment, which is overwhelming for many Bolivians.


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