CC condemns that the MAS is pressing for the approval of other liability proceedings with the Quiborax case

The Citizen Community Bench (CC) today condemned that the MAS in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) Joint Commission approved the responsibility assessment obligation against former President Carlos Mesa for the Quiborax case, with the aim of approving this case used to pressure the opposition organization to approve further liability proceedings against other former authorities such as Jeanine Áñez.

The Joint Justice, Public Ministry and State Legal Defense Commission approved three liability proceedings at its meeting this Wednesday: against former government minister Alfredo Rada for the La Calancha case, one against former president Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada and another against Carlos Mesa for the Quiborax case.

The deputy of the Central Committee, Carlos Alarcón, stated that the ALP commission, which has a majority of MAS members, has approved this trial against Mesa with the aim of using it as a “negotiating chip” for the opposition to initiate other processes, which interest them to approve the ruling party.

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“The idea of ​​the MAS is to generate rough pressure to press against Carlos Mesa with this case, which is less than a millimeter in length, and to want to support the approval of liability processes that interest the MAS with the Quibrax case as a negotiating instrument that biggest fraud committed against the Bolivian people, ”said Alarcón.

Quiborax was a Chilean company that exploited non-metallic resources in Uyuni. The Carlos Mesa government, following an audit, canceled the concessions in 2004, indicating that the company had failed to comply with the investment or the usage plan.

The Chilean company sued the state and won the lawsuit in 2015. The defense was taken over by the then lawyer Pablo Menacho, Justice Minister Héctor Arce and Mining Minister César Navarro. Bolivia paid more than $ 42.6 million.

Alarcón stated that Mesa expelled the Chilean company for failing to honor investments and seizing the country’s strategic resources without leaving anything to the state.

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“Mesa said he would expel Quiborax and that he doesn’t regret it,” Alarcón said.

He said this case is “the fraud of the century” committed by the Evo Morales government “because the former authorities” fraudulently planned arbitration against the Bolivian state, raising more than 42 million resources to seize “which were paid to a Chilean company that took the land’s resources.

He stated that in addition to the former prosecutor, former President Morales and his former ministers should be prosecuted for losing more than $ 42 million in a lawsuit when the Chilean company did not invest a million dollars.

“Mesa has indicated that he is absolutely innocent in the Quiborax case that he will reissue the same decree to protect the country’s interests,” he said.

He claimed that CC will use this case to remind the country that Evo Morales’ government lost $ 42 million and defrauded the country.


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