CC condemns MAS trying to

Comunidad Ciudadana (CC) publicly condemned the MAS attempt to bribe more than four opposition MPs to approve the verdict on the responsibilities against former President Jeanine Áñez. While the ruling party reduced the credibility of the allegation and warned against bringing the case to the ethics committee.

The first complaint of attempted bribery came from CC MP Samantha Nogales, who said her “salary” was offered to clear Áñez’s trial. Subsequently, the chairman of the CC-Bank in the Senate, Andrea Barrientos, claimed that more than four parties to the dispute had denounced such offers.

“Since the MAS is unable to conduct a dialogue, they want to buy our parliamentarians, which is an inadmissible act. More than four parliamentarians have indicated that they have received offers from the movement for socialism,” said Andrea Barrientos.

The chairman of the ZK-Bank pointed out that the government is resorting to “old policy” practices when circulating “briefcases” in order to carry out its duties.

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He assured that the opponents would not accept “half a cent” from the MAS. He also demanded full guarantees for all assembly members of the civil community so that there are no “purchase attempts”, coercion or media attacks.

He announced that the steps opponents will take in the legal field will be evaluated.

MAS discredited

MAS parliamentarians reduced the credibility of the community bank’s complaint.

Senator Leonardo Loza said he did not believe in what the opponents said because he believed that they were used to harassing themselves, using this issue as a political discourse and deceiving the population.

He said that this question should be investigated in order for opponents to prove their claims.

In response, MEP Estefanía Morales, accompanied by other members of the ruling party, said Nogales’ complaint had caused a surprise in the MAS. He believed the allegation was false and asked the opposition to clarify the matter.

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He warned Nogales that if this issue is not resolved, it will be reported to the Ethics Committee.

Assessment of responsibilities

To approve the process of accountability against Áñez in the Senkata and Sacaba cases, two-thirds of the assembly’s votes are required, but the MAS only has a majority and would need the support of opponents.

The chairman of the CC-Bank, Andrea Barrientos, confirmed the proposal of her alliance to reform the judiciary so that the processes are fair. He said the MAS did not have the capacity for dialogue and would therefore try to “buy” the votes.

On behalf of the MAS, Senator Loza pointed out that the decision on competencies depends on the patriotic conscience of parliamentarians, while his colleague Estefanía Morales said that to get justice one must act with the truthfulness of the facts.


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