CC cancels reconciliation agreement with judicial reform and liability litigation

The Civic Community Alliance proposed this Monday that the government and the political forces represented in the assembly sign a peace and reconciliation agreement that would change the prosecutor general and prosecutors of the departments and reform the judiciary in the face of the next Elections of magistrates in 2023 and liability suits against more than one former president.

Carlos Mesa, CC head, stated that the proposal is based on the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), which highlighted human rights abuses in Evo Morales and Jeanine Áñez’s efforts in 2019, but also recommended judicial reform.

Mesa said liability proceedings are imperative, but also judicial reform, as conducting law enforcement with the current judicial system would mean “lynching” or “guaranteeing impunity”.

Mesa has set a 90-day deadline for the State Department change and judicial reform. As a role model, he pointed out that after the canceled 2019 elections, the politicians had succeeded in electing election officials in record time.

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He proposed replacing the Attorney General on the basis of the existing legal mechanisms. He also proposed to amend the law on the organization of the public ministry so that the prosecutors of the departments are elected by two-thirds of the assembly, as is the case with the attorney general.

“This replacement of the attorney general and the appointment of the new department attorneys should be in 90 days,” Mesa said.

For the judiciary, CC is proposing to enact a judicial independence law or constitutional reform to change the system of preselection of candidates for judges.

He proposed that a commission be formed, made up of eminent figures appointed by the country’s main organizations, from social movements to the bar association, to pre-select candidates for the judges who will appear at the judicial elections in 2023.

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Mesa said that when the 90 days were up, liability proceedings would begin immediately and that CC would agree “without any kind of restriction”.

He stressed that the challenge was to solve the human rights violations registered during the term of office of Evo Morales and Jeanine Áñez in 2019 through liability proceedings.

The ex-president rejected the position taken by the ruling party to exclude judicial reform before the liability proceedings due to time constraints. He recalled that previous liability proceedings had taken four to seven years, and stressed that his proposal envisages 90 days to change the state ministry and reform the judiciary.


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