CC calls for guarantees for the native march

The opposition alliance Citizen Community (CC) demanded guarantees from the government for the march of the indigenous peoples to Santa Cruz.

Yesterday a group of intercultural peasants linked to the movement towards socialism attacked the participants in the march entitled “In Defense of the Territory, Identity and Culture of the Indigenous Peoples of the East, the Amazon and the Chaco”, which took place on 24 Trinidad and goes to the city of Santa Cruz.

“The leaders of the indigenous peoples that make up it have denounced that a group of around 40 people not only tried to obstruct their passage, but also tried to overturn the aid vehicle that accompanied the protesters on their journey and to burn, “says the CC statement.

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As can be seen in various videos posted on social networks, “the aggressors tried to prevent the demonstrators from entering by using violence and appealing to the indigenous peoples of the lowlands to insult, ridicule and send discriminatory messages.”

The protesters did not respond to the provocation and limited themselves to protecting the elderly, women and children and avoiding any confrontation, said CC.

“In the face of these unacceptable acts, we demand that the government minister, the general command and the departmental police command guarantee the constitutional rights of the demonstrators and ensure the safety and physical integrity of the participants in the mobilization throughout the trip,” says the CC document.

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The opposition alliance also calls on social organizations “committed to indigenous peoples’ rights and the media to be vigilant so that this type of violence is made visible and reported to public opinion rather than remaining public.

CC claims that the peaceful march in defense of the territory, identity and culture of the indigenous peoples of the East, Amazon and Chaco calls for an end to indigenous subjugation and standing forests, indigenous self-government, democracy, plurinationality and the basic right Life.


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