CC cancels reconciliation agreement with judicial reform and liability litigation

The Civic Community Bank (CC) confirmed on Tuesday that the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) had rejected its proposal to reform the judicial system because it wanted to submit the judiciary to the orders of the power-based party. The response to the opposition group came after Chamber of Deputies President Freddy Mamani said they would not come to any agreements because they would seek impunity.

“The only thing that interests the government and the MAS is subordinating the current judicial system to their orders, illegitimately and without credibility,” said part of the CC statement.

The opposition alliance suggests that Mamani’s response is a clear sign that the MAS and the government do not want to take into account the recommendations of the report presented by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) last Tuesday.

“This stance (that of Freddy Mamani) not only implies a further weakening of the rule of law, but also clearly reflects the decision of the government and the MAS to reject the recommendations of the GIEI,” which noted serious shortcomings in the judiciary and the Ministry of Public, he claims.

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This Tuesday, Mamani responded to the suggestion made by Central Committee President Carlos Mesa, saying that they will not make any agreements because there will be impunity or delay in the judiciary. “There can be no reconciliation without justice,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

“It is clear that the people and groups involved in the coup are seeking impunity, or at least trying to delay justice. I hope they realize that we are not going to play their game, “he said on his social network.

In this regard, the CC Bank said that Mamani’s response “fails to meet an essential aspect of the GIEI document in its Recommendation No. 10, which states that” none of the above actions can be carried out without strong political will disregards the highest level – expressly and shared by the authorities of the plurinational state in order to strengthen the independence of public institutions, which must reaffirm their autonomy and transparent functioning ”.

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On Monday, Mesa presented President Luis Arce with a “National Peace and Reconciliation Agreement” based on the GIEI’s conclusions and recommendations.

“Citizens ‘Community proposes that the said agreement be signed by your Governor and by the three parties represented in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly: Movement to Socialism, Citizens’ Community and We Believe,” says part of the letter to the President.


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