CC asks Del Castillo to report why he provided police protection and recognized Alanes

The Comunidad Ciudadana (CC), the main opposition force in the Legislative Assembly, requested an oral report from Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo to explain why he granted protection and recognition to coca farmer leader Arnold Alanes.

“Report the main reasons and who gave the Bolivian police the mandate to protect the facilities of the Adepcoca coca market in the Villa Fátima neighborhood of the city of La Paz, as it is private property, as well as what regulatory instrument it was carried out,” said Receipt.

“Report why the government minister granted recognition to the supposed representative of Adepcoca (Arnold Alanez) and whether that recognition falls within his remit.

MEP María Elena Reque reiterated that the aim of this question was to clarify the human rights violations committed by coca producers and residents of Villa Fátima, Villa El Carmen and other areas.

He said that during Alanes’ stint at the facilities of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca), which was being taken over by the MAS coca growing block, furniture and goods purchased by those associated with that private organization were destroyed.

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MEP Beto Astorga reiterated that Minister Del Castillo “has to explain what happened in Adepcoca and why the interference has a new policy and is causing these conflicts and attacks on neighbors (…) and explain why the Adepcoca facilities are now complete be dismantled. “

On September 20, coca producers who responded to the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) managed to take over the headquarters of this organization in the area of ​​Villa Fátima after a confrontation with the organic block under the leadership of the leader Armin Lluta.

On that day, Arnold Alanes was named leader who was immediately recognized by Del Castillo and the Minister for Rural Development. He also provided police security for an estimated 500 soldiers armed with tear gas, shields and bullets.

From September 20 to September 4, organic coca producers clashed with the police, with more than fifty injured and a similar number of detainees, including a journalist.

Del Castillo defended Alanes’ leadership in the use of tear gas, but on October 4 the police shield was bypassed and coca producers were able to recapture their organization’s headquarters.

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The clashes recorded damage to private and public property, such as an apartment fire and the attack on a police unit. In addition, the use of dynamite and violations of violence were recorded, which triggered the rejection of the neighbors. The presence of infiltrated civilian groups operating under police protection was also reported.

In a request for an oral report, the Civic Community asked Minister Del Castillo to report on whether to investigate “why the police officers did not go to arrest civilians involved in the conflict who were carrying dynamite with which they were the population confront and attack “. . “.

You will also be asked to explain why the “disproportionate use” of chemical warfare agents occurs in the conflict and why the necessary measures to protect neighbors and passers-by who were unrelated to the conflict were not taken.

They also ask you to report how much the police have spent to protect the Adepcoca market and what action they will take in light of the damage caused by the Alanes leadership.


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