CC appeals to the police against the Transport Act

Civic Community (CC) parliamentarians filed an unconstitutional suit against three articles of Law 1387 on the Careers of Generals and Promotions of the Bolivian Police.

The appeal was brought to the Constitutional Court in Sucre while the law was being protested, reported Red Erbol’s journalist Iván Ramos.

MEP Marcelo Pedrazas stated that the abstract unconstitutionality complaint was submitted because she believed that interference by political power in the police was not permissible.

According to the opponent, one of the attacked provisions is the one that includes the government minister in the police command.

Pedrazas pointed out that Law 1387 created a “parallel command” as the government minister did not react to an institution or to the police career.

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The retired police officers who mobilized in Sucre believe that the law violates the institutional nature of the olive green unit. They announced that they would be demonstrating on the street because the police had to side with the people and not with a political party.

The pensioner representative, Pablo Caballero, said there were fears that his institution would become an “armed group serving the interests of one party”.


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