CC and Creemos: Election process in Nicaragua lacks legality and legitimacy

The Citizen Community (CC) and Creemos Banks issued a statement denying and condemning the Nicaraguan electoral process, which they described as a “farce”.

“We agree with the perception of dozens of countries and world leaders that the electoral process in sister country Nicaragua lacks legality and legitimacy in the face of grave attacks on democracy and human rights, including the imprisonment and exile of 7 presidential candidates and several pre-candidates before the elections ”, it says in the note of the parliamentarians.

They also opposed the Bolivian Foreign Ministry’s statement welcoming and congratulating Daniel Ortega on his fifth and fourth consecutive terms.

The parliamentarians also apologized for the government, which “does not represent all Bolivians and Bolivians, but on the contrary reflects the equally totalitarian vocation of the executive branch of our country,” they stressed.

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