CC and creemos condemn enemy arrests in Nicaragua

The community and the creemos banks expressed their condemnation and condemnation of the arrests of at least 19 opponents of Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua.

“We would like to express our rejection and condemnation of the authoritarian actions of the Nicaraguan government against those who do not think like them,” said a statement signed by both banks.

“We have followed the situation of persecution, harassment and massive arrests against the democratic opposition that Daniel Ortega’s dictatorial regime has exercised over the past few weeks with attentiveness and concern,” the statement said.

The document also states that “we in Bolivia are beginning to experience a similar situation with the government of Luis Arce Catacora and that we already experienced it during the government of Evo Morales, for which we show solidarity with the struggle for life of the Nicaraguan people are. “in democracy and freedom as the Bolivian people are looking for”.

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Arrests, including aspiring presidential candidates, were made less than five months before Nicaragua’s presidential election. Ortega justified the arrests with the fact that they were not politicians or candidates, but “criminals” who want to “overthrow the government”.


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