Castro: The reinforcement of the anticovid vaccine will start this week

Deputy Minister of Epidemiological Surveillance María Renee Castro announced this Monday that this week the use of the reinforcement of the coronavirus vaccine will begin across the country, in people over the age of 60 and in patients with an underlying disease.

“From this week, if it is not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it will start using a booster of the Covid vaccine at the national level. We are immediately preparing the instructions for the department’s health services, which, based on the message from the President (Luis Arce), must capture the exact characteristics in order to create all the logistics to start this vaccine as soon as possible, ”Castro told Panamericana Radio.

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The head of state announced on the morning of this Monday that this booster vaccine against the coronavirus would be used to counter the pandemic. Health officials are waiting for the fourth wave of this disease.

Castro said that those who will receive the booster will need to go to the vaccination site where they received the first and second doses to request the booster.

He clarified that after completing the vaccination schedule, i.e. after receiving the two doses, these patients must have waited at least 8 weeks to receive the booster.

The health authority said the finding was made after studies conducted in the UK and other countries found that this group of people’s defenses were reduced and that there were also complications from the disease. With this in mind, he pointed out that the use of the booster vaccine is aimed at avoiding these diseases.

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Another aspect made clear by Castro is that patients may receive a different vaccine in the booster vaccine than in their vaccination schedule. For example, if someone was vaccinated with the Russian dose of Sputnik V, the booster may be from a different brand, not necessarily the same immunizer. He found that people cannot choose any vaccine.


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