Case studies: Sosa points out Jhonny and Panama calls for Parada to be extradited

The former mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, stated in a letter since her imprisonment in Palmasola that the case of the phantom objects was a plan “put together” by the legal team of the current mayor Jhonny Fernández to “cover up”. ”Other incidents of corruption of current management.

Meanwhile, the Panamanian authorities approved the 60-day detention for the purpose of extraditing Guillermo Parada Vaca, one of the main perpetrators of the alleged corruption plot.

“The shark plan, which consisted of throwing my political corpse at the sharks to cover up the corruption of Mayor Jhonny Fernández, and I denounce it by a first and last name: the millionaire trash contract and the huge mistakes that it made transform a treaty that is harmful to the state without voting on legal guarantees, “Sosa wrote.

In this letter, which is dated December 21, 2021 but was revealed on Friday, December 31, the former authority says it fears for his life and his legal security.

Regarding the phantom elements of the case, Sosa assures that she was not involved and points out that Antonio Parada and Julio Javier Cedeño, both former Mayor’s Personnel Directors, were responsible for this act of corruption. It is also said that Cedeño tried to extort money from her before he was arrested by prosecutors.

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Likewise, the former mayor says that former mayor Percy Fernández “has no candles at this funeral” of the ghost items and qualifies him as “the best mayor of Bolivia”, for which he expressed his support and asked not to damage his image.

Sosa has been held in Palmasola since December 24, 2021. She has to serve 120 days in preventive detention because of her alleged involvement in the 800 phantom objects.

Extradition from Parada

Foreign Ministry and police sources told Behind the Truth that Panamanian authorities approved Guillermo Parada’s 60-day detention for extradition.

The El Deber newspaper, with sources from the Foreign Ministry, said that this Sunday arrest was sealed with a formal warrant for 60 days, a time that the Panamanian judiciary allows any detained citizen of his country of origin for extradition Apply for criminal proceedings against him.

Guillermo Parada is the brother of Antonio Parada, the former director of the Human Resources Department of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, identified by the Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Unit to Combat Crime (Felcc) as one of the leaders of the organization that created the ghost items .

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So far, the case is under investigation against around 50 people, three of whom are held in Palmasola prison, including former mayor Angélica Sosa, former human resources manager Javier Cedeño and former municipal official Julio César Herbas.

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office ordered extradition proceedings for Guillermo Parada Vaca after learning of his detention in Panama.

Antonio Parada would still be in Brazil, where he asked for political refuge.


The Vice-President of the Bolivian University Association (CUB), Remberto Cabrera, yesterday called for an internal investigation by the Autonomous University of Gabriel René Moreno (Uagrm) to find all the authors of the creation of the “phantom scholarships”.

Cabrera reprimanded the actions of some officials and leaders who used the work grants for personal gain, claiming that the CUB would not allow or advocate acts of corruption by poor leaders or officials that required a meticulous investigation and controls are carried out from this management control, he told state media.


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