The President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) Amparo Carvajal assigned the Attorney General Juan Lanchipa as responsible for the psychological “massacre” of all Bolivians who feel persecuted or imprisoned, as is the case with the former President Jeanine Áñez .

“I don’t know what instrument he will have used to damage his body, but his soul is already broken,” he said in front of the Miraflores women’s prison, where he visited the ex-president after the versions of the suicide attempt.

Carvajal then declared: “We are all massacred because, as the report (of the GIEI-Bolivia itself) says, the judiciary is not fair. This attorney general, whom I wrote to him, what did he do? He massacred us all, not only in Sacaba and Senkata there is a massacre, it massacres our heads “,

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One of the final acts of Prosecutor Juan Lanchipa was to approve the indictment to start the investigation against Áñez into the lawsuit of 20 indictments for the crimes of genocide, the seriously injured and the bodily harm resulting in death during the November 2019 crisis.

This decision was communicated to the Supreme Court (TSJ) to begin the appropriate subpoenas and the development of the stage of accumulation of history, after the completion of which, if necessary, the relevant indictment request will be sent to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) for the retrospective authorization of the liability judgment .

Carvajal recalls that on other visits to Bolivia they told him that his body was imprisoned but his mind was free. He defended the defense of the human rights of political prisoners and the persecuted in times of dictatorship and democracy as well as the work of his department defenders, who feel pressured by rejection of institutional work.

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“Human rights are not perceived like a house, they are in each of us,” said the 82-year-old activist, ex-religious, founder and current president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights.


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