Carvajal says he will stay at the top of the Apdhb and rejects questions for his leadership

The President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (Apdhb), Amparo Carvajal, confirmed on Monday that she would remain at the head of the institution despite the criticism of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), she rejected these questions.

“I am still president (of the Apdhb) because I was the founder. I am the founder and president because I have been working since 1971 and have been in several dictatorships, ”Carvajal said at a press conference.

The statement by the institution’s president came after a number of criticisms were made against it of the leadership it wields as the main authority of the Apdhb.

One of the criticisms was made by the Assembly’s vice-president, Edgar Salazar, who acknowledged that Carvajal “acts individually and not on behalf of the institution”.

In this context, Carvajal mentioned that Salazar “was on the side of a political party” and he still accuses it of no longer being part of the Apdhb.

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“In July, five years ago, I was elected President for Human Rights in a competition with Mr. Edgar von Sucre. At this table, on September 21, 2016, when we came from Congress, these gentlemen (Edgar Salazar) presented their resignation, but at this table he had left a document for Ms. Yolanda Herrera so that I can resign. But he didn’t submit my resignation, ”said Carvajal. “What I can’t keep quiet is that you keep saying that you are everything and that I am nothing,” he said.

Another criticism came from the president of the Association of Relatives of the Imprisoned, Disappeared and Martyrs for the National Liberation of Bolivia (Asofamd), Ruth Llanos, who ignored the actions of the APDHB and viewed them as counterproductive in the defense of civil rights.

“We believe that what is now called the Human Rights Assembly is not one. It’s a political group. (His job is) to defend citizens’ rights against the state, so he cannot defend the police and military that are part of the state, ”Llanos said in August.

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Carvajal mentioned that she was fed up with allegations attempting to deny her leadership within the institution she founded.

“I’m fed up with these allegations, I am legally the authority of this institution. I have my credentials in Bolivia for an indefinite period, ”said the President of the Apdhb.

He also commented that ever since he defended the human rights of Bolivians in dictatorships like Luis García Meza’s, prison authorities opened their doors to visit political prisoners, but that Luis Arce’s government had not allowed him to use the ex. to visit -President Jeanine Añez.

“They opened all the doors of the prisons to visit the prisoners, they just refused to see Jeanine Añez (the former president),” said the authority of the institution that defends human rights.


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