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The President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia, Amparo Carvajal, downplayed the demand for a congress of “human rights defenders” from the Movement for Socialism (MAS) who point to institutional “parallelism”.

The activist said that the “human rights defenders” who respond to political interests basically do not want the presidency of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (APDHB) but want to see her death.

“These people don’t want to see me outside of the presidency of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, they want to see me dead,” he said in a statement to the ANF agency.

He said that people like Édgar Salazar have the right to convene any congress, but that this room does not have the “recognition” or “legitimacy” of civil society that his presidency and the current institution do.

“This congress is not recognized” because there are political and partisan interests, said Carvajal, explaining that his only aim is to ignore “it’s good they don’t know me”.

Carvajal regretted that human rights defenders face these problems when there are other relevant issues in the country that are directly related to the defense and enforcement of human rights.

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In the past few hours, it became known that a group had announced a call for a congress to pretend to ignore Carvajal and try to elect a new national leadership.

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Tarija expressed in a statement its “strong rejection of the attempt of the APDHB to co-opt the APDHB, apparently with personal interests with a party political background”.

This is one of several attempts and attacks on the only “objective, impartial and independent human rights organization in Bolivia”.

In this sense, the Tarija organization nationally and internationally and the human rights organizations condemned the danger of losing the unity and independence of the APDHB, although the basis of its existence in the past was in opposition to the governments of the day.

He warned that such acts, promoted by some individuals on behalf of human rights defenders, are outside the law and regulations and that disciplinary proceedings for serious misconduct will be initiated before the ethics committee.

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“We are not aware of any resolution emanating from this apocryphal event that threatens the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights in Bolivia,” the document reads.

However, divisions and allegations have emerged in the sector that Carvajal wants to get out of the APDHB. David Inca tried to attend said congress but they did not allow him, he accused the El Alto delegates of being MAS fighters.

“Today was the XIX. APDHB congress opened, some people who call themselves defenders of the DH of El Alto (Juana Cabrera, Secbastian Condori, Marilin Conde, militants of the MAS-IPSP or others) who did practically nothing in November 2019 did not create a document against the government who injured HR, caused massacres, gunshot wounds and torture … Now they are presenting themselves as the real defenders of HR … I was forcibly expelled from Congress by denigrating the work of the victims and preventing them from to uncover the lawsuit against Amparo Carvajal … ”he explained.


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