Carrying a vaccination card is no longer required;  Sectors threatened

The government has the obligation to present a vaccination card in public and private institutions from today until the 26th Minister of State.

“With this measure we will favor the vaccination process and optimize the vaccination centers, which up to now have had the task of saving and protecting the lives of the Bolivian people,” said Auza, without giving any details about the announced measure.

The requirement to present the vaccination card was valid for five days and led to a massive influx of people who went to the vaccination centers. At the same time, it sparked protests from various sectors who threatened mobilization of the next and gave the government an ultimatum to abolish the measure.


Starting next week, various sectors announced a series of pressures calling for the repeal of Top Regulations 4640 and 4641 that require vaccination cards or PCR tests.

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The rural teachers, the association of neighborhood councils, the trade union federation, the citizens’ committee of El Alto, the National Christian Council of the Evangelical Churches of Bolivia, rural and intercultural organizations of the provinces of La Paz reject the request for the document.

The President of the El Alto Citizens’ Committee, Gregorio Gómez, announced that on Monday, 10 sectors would be connected.

He explained that the decision was made within a framework that was expanded to include social organizations. “If the decree is not repealed, we have been leaving a general mobilization from the Ceja de El Alto, from the multifunctional,” he said.

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On the other hand, the representative of the rural teachers of the department of La Paz, Ruddy Callisaya, said that the deadline set by the government to lift the controversial regulations had expired.

“We gave the government a deadline that expired today (yesterday) to repeal the decrees. Next week we will start fighting, ”said the representative in contact with Fides.

He added that they are labeled as anti-vaccines, but not against vaccines; They point out that those who want to receive the doses have every right, but they also demand that they respect the will of the population as they make entering public and private facilities mandatory with the requirement of the vaccination card.


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