Lawyer claims inappropriate medication worsened Áñez's depression

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine ñez, said Monday that her mother was “completely sedated” and that she does not remember anything that happened early Saturday morning when she “injured herself”.

“She is very sensitive, totally doped and sedated. My mother does not remember what happened,” Ribera told Unitel.

The young woman claimed that her mother was suffering from “severe depression” and that her family needed to be with her.

“Not only is he in poor health, he was mentally and emotionally tortured by the prison regime,” said Ribera.

Ribera confirmed that a relative is allowed to enter Miraflores Prison to accompany the ex-president.

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He claimed the government provoked and pressured the former president to make Saturday’s events a reality.

“So far they have given me a medical report, their medical history, they do not tell me anything. They do not allow people from the opposition to see them (…) I do not know what kind of medication (they have given her) or which one Treatment they do. She (Jeanine Añez) has already compromised her heart, “said Ribera.

The directorate of the internal regime claimed on Saturday that the ex-president’s health was stable and that she was receiving all necessary medical care after it became known that Áñez had “self-harmed”.

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Áñez is in preventive detention in Miraflores Prison in La Paz, charged with the alleged 2019 coup.

Several sections of society called on the ex-president to defend themselves freely and questioned the government’s treatment of the “politically persecuted”.


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