Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Añez, reported this Saturday that she found her mother on the verge of starvation in a fetal position and warned that the Bolivian government and judiciary are responsible if the former president is in preventive detention dies.

“I found my mother in a fetal position, trembling like a leaf, on the verge of starvation. 6 months in an unjust political prison and the judge continues to convict on tax assumptions with no evidence. If # JeanineAñez dies, in charge of government and justice” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The news came minutes after the La Paz Tenth Criminal Investigation Court dismissed a “Coup I” indictment for the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy denounced by former MAS MP Lidia Patty.

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Añez’s health was denounced on social media before the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), where he sought precautionary measures because of his serious health.

The international body has not yet decided on Añez’s defense motion. Carolina said last Friday that her mother collapsed at the hearing after denouncing “anorexia nervosa and defenselessness” that was damaging her health.

The government arrested Jeanine Añez in Trinidad on March 13, under investigation for riot and terrorism that resulted in a six-month detention, which was later extended for a further five months.

The ex-president is surrounded by several criminal proceedings, including the so-called “massacres” of Sacaba and Senkata in 2019, where she is being investigated for genocide. At the same time, the Legislative Assembly is processing liability suits for alleged crimes committed with the credit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the extension of the license of the public commercial register service.

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