Cardinal Ticona is stable and improving

The Bolivian Bishops’ Conference (CEB) reported this Thursday that Cardinal Toribio Ticona has stable vital signs, no breathing difficulties and is improving significantly with physiotherapy.

“We announce to the people of God that according to the medical portion of the date, the doctors taking care of SER Toribio Cardenal Porco Ticona have confirmed that his vital signs are stable. An oblique chest X-ray was also taken, which showed no evidence of chest wall complications,” the statement said.

The church also noted that the cardinal shows no signs of shortness of breath and continues to improve with physical therapy.

“The Cardinal receives the clinical care established by the Covid-19 biosecurity protocols, he also receives constant medical surveillance by the Internal Medicine Team “Centro de Salud Jesús Obrero” CSJO,” the text adds.

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The cardinal was hospitalized in the early hours of January 11 after testing positive for Covid in a nasal antigen test.

Ticona is from Atocha in the province of Sud Chichas in Potosí and was proclaimed a cardinal in June 2018 in a ceremony presided over by Pope Francis at the Vatican.


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