Campaign to vaccinate 45,000 drivers agreed in El Alto

The Association of Andean Drivers of El Alto, together with the Ministry of Health and local authorities, announced an agreement on Tuesday to carry out the massive anticovid vaccination of affiliated carriers in the organization’s facilities.

The head of drivers, Víctor Tarqui, expected vaccination to be compulsory for his sector and that he would try to reach 45,000 members among the owners and employees of the transport sector.

Deputy Minister Alejandra Hidalgo pointed out that the area around the association will be used for vaccinations and that drivers will participate on the day of the week when their vehicles have the license plate restriction. He noted that it would take about three days to prepare.

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The official explained that drivers are required to provide the vaccination certificate for their users.

He emphasized that the drivers are also registered in the Unified Health System (SUS) so that they can use their services. He also announced that he would do nasal antigen tests every 15 days.

The Tarqui leader expressed satisfaction with the agreement. He emphasized that the first point of the alliance was the compulsory vaccination for motorists.

He also emphasized the importance of drivers being able to register with the SUS and having the opportunity to conduct nasal antigen tests.


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