Camacho's report to the Santa Cruz legislature ended amid shouts and insults

The report by the governor of Santa Cruz Department, Luis Fernando Camacho, on his 100-day term in the legislative assembly of the department ended with shouts and insults from the ruling party and the opposition.

The Santa Cruz Authority made his speech in the Chamber, but when he mentioned the crisis in the country in October and November 2019, the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) legislators launched “coup” protests.

“We respected the democracy of the polls that helped the MAS win, and we demand that the citizens who stood up against fraud in October and November and defended democracy be respected. We will not accept or lower our heads in the face of justice, ”said Camacho.

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The Creemos Bank came to Camacho’s defense and spoke of “fraud”. The President of the Advisory Board of Santa Cruz, Zvonko Matkovic, tried several times to bring order to the meeting and to calm the mood of his colleagues.

“Those who defend a coward who has fled are those who are against democracy. We want them to let us work and produce, if they don’t we have to fight for our dignity and the respect of our department, ”added Camacho.

When the session was over, the screams and insults continued between the members of the Creemos and MAS congregations.

This fact was recorded after President Luis Arce went through a similar incident during the Plurinational Legislative Assembly’s honorary session on August 6 in La Paz, after mentioning the 2019 crisis.

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