Camacho's father has not traveled to La Paz and will personally ask the Santa Cruz prosecutor's office to record his testimony

José Luis Camacho, the father of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, will not travel to La Paz to testify in the alleged “coup d’état” and will appear before the Santa Cruz prosecutor to testify in the capital of Santa Cruz.

Camacho’s defense indicated that the governor’s father could not go to the heights on medical advice as he would have heart problems.

“It’s not that Mr Camacho doesn’t want to testify, it’s not that he doesn’t want to go to La Paz. To take care of his health, it was decided that he shouldn’t go,” Xerxes Justiniano said in an interview with Unitel.

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In contact with El Deber, the attorney alleged that she had asked the prosecution to change the location of the testimony, but received no response.

“Last week we brought a memorial with justifications and legal notices to request the inclusion of the statement in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. We have not received a response; we do not know whether it was accepted or rejected,” said Justiniano.

Camacho is one of the accused of the crimes of conspiracy, terrorism and sedition in the case of the alleged coup of 2019 and had to appear before the public prosecutor’s office in La Paz today, Tuesday, to give his testimony.

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