Camacho sees that the

The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, sees the “Wiphalazo” file only as a political show by the ruling government with the sole aim of increasing polarization in the country and confronting the citizens.

Camacho stressed that the fact that the September 24th in Santa Cruz removed the symbol did not offend the Wiphala because it was not on schedule.

“I want to justify a fact that has never been a cause for disrespect, and I think it is part of a political show that tries to keep citizens confronting something that is already a problem,” the agency said.

That Tuesday, the ruling party and its related organizations held an act of justification for the Wiphala and defense of Luis Arce’s government with the participation of officials.

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Camacho affirmed that “Insult is what Vice President David Choquehuanca did when he put it (the wiphala) in the protocol officer ‘s purse to secretly remove (and hoist) it, he is ashamed of his flag he does that); I think it was clear to us here that in the (official) files the green-white-green (flag of Santa Cruz) and the red-yellow-green (flag of Bolivia) are hoisted ”.

The agency assured that this new convening of the MAS would not provoke the population to do what they see fit, noting that if the aim of the “wiphalazo” was to be, “from the offense.” to speak”. of their national symbols it therefore does not correspond to reality. “

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“I think that’s too much, but they will realize that they can do their wiphalazo calmly, even though they are generating the wrong message. The public will respect it,” he said.


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