Camacho ratifies a lawsuit against Democrats in the prosecutor's office for alleged diversion of funds

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho appeared before the Santa Cruz Prosecutor this Tuesday to testify in the case of an alleged redirection of funds in the administration of Rubén Costas for the campaign.

“For the complaint we published, we stated that we had ratified the complaint regarding the advertising used for the Democrats’ political campaign, as these funds were intended for the prevention of Covid-19,” Camacho said at the Exit of the Santa Cruz Public Prosecutor’s Office.

He stated that he said “nothing else” as full details of the complaint, both technical and supportive, are contained in the complaint of the Government Legal Secretariat.

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“As governor, I received a report in December reporting alleged diversions of funds used for the Democratic election campaign because they were intended for Covid. I did not say otherwise because everything was addressed in the formal complaint will.” that picked up the attorney general, “he said.

According to the complaint, the coastal government has diverted up to 700,000 Bolivians from anticovid management to Roly Aguilera’s election campaign in the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz.


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