Camacho demands that the government stop dividing the land and Luis Arce and stop being Evo's puppet

In front of a crowd gathering in Plaza 24 de Septiembre, Governor Luis Fernando Camacho urged the government to stop dividing the country and added to other sectors that he would defend the sub-national elected authorities.

“There was no coup because it was the struggle of a whole people and the people are never the coup leader. I want to tell the government to stop looking for ways to divide our land, respect the elected authorities of the departments and municipalities, stop inventing trials against Iván Arias, Damián Condori, the governor of Beni, ”said the governor of Santa Cross.

On Wednesday, prosecutors decided to suspend Camacho’s informative statement on the alleged “coup” and thanked his supporters for their support.

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“I demand that President Arce get to work and let us work,” he said in his ten-minute speech, during which he was applauded and supported at various times by the people who gathered in Plaza 24 de Septiembre .

At the end of his speech, Camacho assured that he would win this “second round” after pointing out the struggle of the people of Santa Cruz to “defend democracy” which took place in 2019 and when Morales’ government was around 14 years old.


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