Camacho after suspending his statement:

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho responded through his Twitter account to the prosecutor’s decision to suspend his informative statement in the case of the alleged 2019 coup.

For the Santa Cruz Authority, the Ministry’s decision was due to the “support” of the “people”, particularly Santa Cruz.

“Prosecutors are suspending my testimony and the truth behind this decision is only one: MY PEOPLE DIDN’T LEAVE ME ALONE. The subpoena sparked general outrage from the Santa Cruz people who oppose the abuse because they know our struggle is on in 2019 was to defend democracy. ” It’s been tough hours, I’ve received the support of dozens of institutions, from our business people, our indigenous brothers, my colleagues from CREEMOS and above all from thousands and thousands of Santa Cruz people who are ready to keep fighting for freedom and out Respect for our country and our history (sic), said Camacho on the popular social network.

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With that in mind, the former Santa Cruz mayor says he is “excited and grateful” for the love he has received in his department.

“It’s not something I was looking for, I didn’t expect any of it the day I put on my hat, took the Bible and went to La Paz to defend our democracy and our freedom. I love my people, I love my country and I will always be there, ready to do anything for our Bolivia (sic), ”he said.

Fernando Camacho was due to testify before the La Paz Public Prosecutor’s Office tomorrow, Thursday, October 7; However, the prosecution decided to suspend the subpoena.

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At a press conference, prosecutor Omar Mejillones stated that it was important for the State Ministry that Fernando Camacho was told by his father, José Luis Camacho, who had been summoned for October 4th but was absent due to health problems.


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