Santa Cruz Committee President Rómulo Clavo said that negotiations with the central government should repeal laws that violate citizens’ rights.

The citizen leader questioned the government’s use of a strategy of dividing the social movement in violation of Law 1386 of the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits and the Financing of Terrorism.

“You cannot negotiate with a government as long as there is no repeal of dictatorial laws. The government is used to dividing certain points with each individual. As long as there is no repeal, there will be no conversation,” Calvo said at a conference session.

However, the civil organizations were not called for dialogue this Saturday, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Marcelo Montenegro, called on the trade unions to start negotiations on the specific Law 1386.

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Calvo believes that the government authorities are pointing to the “weakening” of protests through the partition, through this strategy the MAS has passed certain illegal laws, so it wants to “negotiate separately when we have a multisectoral problem”, called.

On the other hand, he denied the government’s allegations that he would encourage a “coup”, saying that the aim was not to “overturn” President Luis Arce’s mandate, although he warned that he had to listen to the people .

“We respect the voice of the people. We are not trying at any time to overthrow Mr (Luis) Arce, but yes, he has to listen to the people,” he said when ratifying that the fifth day of indefinite strike will be met.

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In his opinion, the remedy is worse than the recipe, “we have already seen that we thought that the country would improve with Evo (Morales) leaving, but with the means of struggle it is worse.”

“He (Arce) is working on a political project without listening to the people, trying to violate rights, trample the constitution and abuse the entire population.”

He pointed out that the law enforcement authorities should stop “sacrificing themselves”, referring to the remarks made by Prime Minister María Nela Prada. It’s a shame that a Santa Cruz continues to deal with racism and regionalism, ”he said.


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