Cabildo in Potosí convenes a national march and ratifies the Santa Cruz City Hall

The Potosí City Hall called for a national march for December 17th and a “Great City Hall for Democracy” for January 15th in Santa Cruz.

Eight points were approved for the concentration in the Kaiservilla. The first resolution was to call for an end to police repression and political and judicial persecution against Juan Carlos Manuel and other bourgeois leaders. The Cabildo also called for the release of Pumari and all political prisoners.

Second, it was decided to request the renewal of the judiciary and the public ministry, in addition to the resignation of officials, judges and members whom it regards as “political agents of masism”.

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Another decision is to request a new electoral roll and the renewal of members and staff of the Supreme Electoral Court.

It was also allowed to denounce, at the international level, actions that Potosinos consider dictatorial.

The Cabildo also decided to warn Luis Arce’s government that Potosí will not allow the supply of natural resources, particularly lithium, to transnational corporations, overseas and the interests of “masista” lodges.

At the council convened by Comcipo, María Isabel Cusi urged the population not to leave her husband Marco Pumari, who is in preventive detention in Uncía prison, alone.

Despite the rain, people held a march and rally at the Bridge of Dignity in the city of Potosí.

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Before that, the citizens of the country had gathered to demand the “immediate freedom of political prisoners”.


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